Different Motivations for Starting a New Business.

I’m a great believer of reasons and why’s. Behind everyone’s quirky ways, you’ll always find a cause to understand a persons ‘why’.

I’m a real people person, and I always need to understand someones ‘why’s before levelling with them – some people call this nosy, but I use it to tailor my approach with someone to get the best out of them.

Having spent nearly a decade working closely with the Mansfield and Ashfield business community, there was nothing more fascinating to me than finding out the story of why a business started and the journey they have been on to be a success. Maybe it was to solve a problem or capitalise on a gap in the market or even address social issues. Whatever the reason, you’ll find that most entrepreneurs are very passionate about their ‘why’ and love sharing.

So here is mine and I’d love to inspire you by the end of this blog.

I keep myself informed, update and love to network locally.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

I officially launched my marketing business in April 2019. It was a moment of finally stepping out of the comfort zone.

After putting off a vision, I had way back in 2011 after redundancy from a job I loved crushed my spirit, trust and confidence. If I launched in 2011 I wouldn’t have the network of people around me now. And that network has undoubtedly influenced, encouraged, supported and told me to get my big girl pants on whenever my insecurities took over.

Encouragement from others

Like most entrepreneurs, we set up our businesses while maintaining a secure job (sorry Mansfield and Ashfield 2020) never once did I neglect my role. Still, I worked hard outside of my position with a selected few business leaders to establish my experience and gain confidence in my freelance marketing skills.

I had to stop coasting and apply myself. It was now or never!

My mind was made up, and I announced to the board of Mansfield 2020 I was leaving. I will never forget the incredible support I got from business leader Kath Jephson. The encouragement from my female cheerleaders- it’s true what they say ‘Behind every woman is an army of other women supporting her.’

Family dynamics

Then mid-2017 we found out, we were having twins, putting our family situation into 3 babies aged 2 and under. And right there I had by why!

There was no way I would be part of a 9 – 5 role and let my role as a mother be nursery drop off and pickups all week and barely breakeven at the end of every month.

My working day is structured around the children I work school hours and evenings when they are in bed. It’s a non-negotiable with clients and projects. I make it work and never miss tea time or bathtime.

Is it more comfortable than being employed?


When I was exhausted from my first 6 months and confided with another business leader who very much encouraged me every step of the way said to me ‘if it was easy everyone would do and you have it in you – keep going.’

Is it more rewarding than being employed?

Thousand times, yes!

I saw a niche and business opportunity, and I took advantage of it – I want small business owners to have the same competitive advantage as their closest competitors.

Being your own boss

Even being your boss, you are always answerable to someone. Albeit clients, suppliers, investors, but you control your actions, rewards, and motivation.

Only you can make things happen!

How could I look my children in the eye and encourage them always to reach their full potential if I continued to coast and not fulfil my dream of running my own business? I’m putting the groundwork in while they are young and have a clear vision for the future along with a 3 year plan and 5 year plan. My plans incorporate clients and suppliers but most of all it revolves around my family – their needs and the desire for my kids to see me pushing boundaries and being part of the change we need to make our local communities thrive.

I keep myself informed, update and love to network locally. So if any of this resonates with you and you are looking for support or need pointing in a direction to those that can help then get in touch.

I used the Mansfield District Council start-up grant opportunity to pay for my marketing set up costs. I’m also a member of Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 to stay connected and up to date with local businesses, I attend (virtually obviously) the East Midland Chamber Women’s networking events and I keep a close eye on D2N2’s initiatives for businesses.

If you need help building marketing resources there is a £1,000 grant (that’s a grant, not a loan which means you don’t have to pay it back) available to offset marketing costs such as website, branding and content writing. I can help you with the grant process and fulfil your marketing needs to get you started. Just reach out and contact me.

Good luck and remember it’s good to talk! Reach out and build a network.