About Me

Award-winning chartered marketer with 16 years experience in Marketing, Operations and Leadership.

I’m someone that has turned my passion for bringing businesses and people together into a marketing toolkit that will help you do what you do best – run your business! My holistic approach to business provides marketing tools, networking platforms and insightful business analytics that reports realistic approaches with actions that gives better results and a clear path to reaching business goals.

Helping People Do More Business!

Coming from a corporate background, I’ve felt the frustrations and long hours with often nothing much to show for it because of the amount of red tape involved in getting anything done not to mention internal politics. I thought there must be more to working in marketing than these pigeonhole departments. I knew I needed to feel a sense of achievement outside the standard ridged corporate package and bonus structure.

Then along can a role describe very vaguely as ‘Operations’ that had a mixture of marketing (that needed bringing into the twenty first century), event management and working closely with business members in the two local districts.

It was a risk ……. but I had a vision and went for it!

Nearly 7 years later as the Operations Director for Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business Development and Community Group I finally felt that satisfaction and sense of achievement I was searching for. I took the organisation from loss making to building sustainable financial model that generated profit, secured funding that enable projects to happen and give additional benefits to members and attract more.

Simply Makes Things Happen

I have a personal passion for giving all young people a voice, a platform, opportunities and insight into the business world. In 2014 with two other business leaders, we created the award-winning scheme ‘Career Champions’ that provides a platform for business leaders to nurture the future workforce and inspired the unreachable.

From spending that time as the leader of a well established business group that has made phenomenal changes to the environment and business infrastructure of our two local districts and by being surrounded by entrepreneurs, self-made business people, organisations that care and people that see giving back as important as making a profit has inspired and empowered me to create ‘Caroline Cox Marketing Innovation’ that simply makes things happen!

When I came up with the strapline ‘Simply Makes Things Happen’ it was off the back of being exposed to so many diverse businesses, consultancy’s, and agencies – all promising business growth and providing simplistic approaches to growing the bottom line. Yet one thing most of them had in common – was lacking the execution! The term ‘easier said than done’ comes to mind! Which is why I never work in isolation – business growth involved everyone in your business.

Caroline Cox - Charted Marketer
Caroline Cox - Charted Marketer
Caroline Cox - Charted Marketer

Helping To Reach Your Business Goals

Having seen and experienced both side of growth – those that can’t and those that can – it’s clear to see those that can; surround themselves with the right network and consistently implement changes for growth. I’m here to serve companies that know their business, industry and goals but need an extra pair of hands to take over the Marketing, PR and help with business growth side of the company.

Having served family run businesses, businesses that are driving their growth plans and sole traders establishing their brand I’ve got a handle for listening, executing and implementing the right tools to help you reach your business goals.

When I’m not working alongside businesses or furiously typing away on new content and exploring new ideas, you’ll find me researching, scrolling – however you want to describe it – reading about anything related with cooking, health, fitness or my newest obsession decluttering hacks. Anything that makes a busy life an easier life I want to know about!