Workwise…. I’m talking workwise here!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a well-established company. They have been trading for 20 years but found themselves – like a lot of people – trying to operate their business in the same way they did back then. In a world that has completely evolved.

We talked about branding, marketing collateral and websites. At the end of the meeting, they confirmed I had secured the project work with them. They were incredibly nice and open about the process from their point of view.

I knew they had done their research and contacted another agency - which to me is just good sense.

They kindly said that they preferred my approach and communication.

Always, helpful to get good feedback and it’s reassuring that what you are doing is interpreted well.

But then they turned to me and said ‘Do you want some feedback?’ (This is after the above conservation). At this point, I thought ‘oh gosh have I been calling them by the wrong name or something! or have I got lipstick on my teeth?!’

They disclosed the quotes they had received against my ‘like for like’ quote and I was 6 times cheaper than this other agency!!!

Wow I said!! Now I’m thinking – ‘they have only come to me because of price!!’. But interestingly they said the norm is never actually to go with the cheapest. Still, they had confidence in the person behind the quote, and the meeting secured their perception of the service I would deliver.

I explained my pricing structure, and they knew the history behind my career, seen my portfolio and knew how long I had been established for – which only offered them more reassurance that they would get an excellent service.

It got me thinking…… Am I too cheap?

What perception does that give to prospects?

Do I increase my prices just to get prospects to perceive the quality they will receive?

My thoughts are …..No…!

I’m staying true to the pricing structure I set out in my start up plans. I’ve worked with national companies and helped them when others were simply not delivering outputs. And on the other side of that – I’ve helped multiple solopreneurs and corporate businesses establish platforms to promote their business.

Would I have done anything differently if I had charged them 6 times more?


Would they have got a better service if had charged them 6 times more?


Would they be achieving better outputs if I had charged them 6 times more?


If they had gone somewhere that was 6 times more expensive would they have achieved more?

I can confidently say No!

I am a Chartered marketer – demonstrating that I keep my skills up to date year on year. I offer a conference space at our offices to brainstorm in a comfortable environment with clients, I’ve invested in the same toolboxes used by larger agencies and I make in my business to know your business!

So if you have been looking for a marketing partner that will drive your projects forward or support your business goals within a realistic budget then give me a call. Available for short or long term projects.