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Have you sent out a COVID-19 advisory notice yet? What should it contain?

During this uncertain time, I have clients directly affected by COVID-19 and some not affected.

Either way – let’s face this head-on and reassure your customers!

I’m working closely with all my clients to ensure we keep moving forward but face this current environment and tailor our services accordingly. I’ve been hearing about service providers going that extra mile during these uncertain times so I wanted to take a moment and share some examples of different coronavirus notices and share my thoughts for best practice for PR during this time.

Either way – let's face this head-on and reassure your customers!

Guidelines Changing Daily

The guidelines are changing daily, and the lockdowns are extending globally. Government is reacting and trying to offer reassuring measures for business support. Still, nothing is clear. As a nation we are looking for reassurance from everyone.

For the majority of businesses, we can’t just ‘shut down’ for a few weeks and hope to continue as usual when everything settles.

From small businesses to large corporates lets approach this head on and reassure our customers.

Larger companies have crisis communication teams in place to put out their Coronavirus business statements like Starbucks, Nike and McDonald’s. View their statements here:

Communication Guidelines for COVID-19:

If you are a small business wondering how to communicate to your customers during these challenging times here are my guidelines:

  • Describe the impact on your customers (if any)
  • How employees are being protected through social distancing
  • How customer service will be affected
  • The location of changes to service
  • Alternative measures in place to keep ‘business as usual’

Where to post the notifications? 

When dealing with Crisis communication, don’t shy away from the situation! Confidently approach this current environment and share your advisory notice on:

  • Social media channels – pin the notice to your pages.
  • If your business hours have changed then update your Google my business page.
  • Your website – home page and landing pages if possible.
  • ENewsletters

If you need any help with your COVID-19 advisory notice, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Am I Cheap?

Workwise…. I’m talking workwise here!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a well-established company. They have been trading for 20 years but found themselves – like a lot of people – trying to operate their business in the same way they did back then. In a world that has completely evolved.

We talked about branding, marketing collateral and websites. At the end of the meeting, they confirmed I had secured the project work with them. They were incredibly nice and open about the process from their point of view.

I knew they had done their research and contacted another agency - which to me is just good sense.

They kindly said that they preferred my approach and communication.

Always, helpful to get good feedback and it’s reassuring that what you are doing is interpreted well.

But then they turned to me and said ‘Do you want some feedback?’ (This is after the above conservation). At this point, I thought ‘oh gosh have I been calling them by the wrong name or something! or have I got lipstick on my teeth?!’

They disclosed the quotes they had received against my ‘like for like’ quote and I was 6 times cheaper than this other agency!!!

Wow I said!! Now I’m thinking – ‘they have only come to me because of price!!’. But interestingly they said the norm is never actually to go with the cheapest. Still, they had confidence in the person behind the quote, and the meeting secured their perception of the service I would deliver.

I explained my pricing structure, and they knew the history behind my career, seen my portfolio and knew how long I had been established for – which only offered them more reassurance that they would get an excellent service.

It got me thinking…… Am I too cheap?

What perception does that give to prospects?

Do I increase my prices just to get prospects to perceive the quality they will receive?

My thoughts are …..No…!

I’m staying true to the pricing structure I set out in my start up plans. I’ve worked with national companies and helped them when others were simply not delivering outputs. And on the other side of that – I’ve helped multiple solopreneurs and corporate businesses establish platforms to promote their business.

Would I have done anything differently if I had charged them 6 times more?


Would they have got a better service if had charged them 6 times more?


Would they be achieving better outputs if I had charged them 6 times more?


If they had gone somewhere that was 6 times more expensive would they have achieved more?

I can confidently say No!

I am a Chartered marketer – demonstrating that I keep my skills up to date year on year. I offer a conference space at our offices to brainstorm in a comfortable environment with clients, I’ve invested in the same toolboxes used by larger agencies and I make in my business to know your business!

So if you have been looking for a marketing partner that will drive your projects forward or support your business goals within a realistic budget then give me a call. Available for short or long term projects.

Local Entrepreneur And Marketing Professional Celebrates Business Success With A Significant Move!

As the leaves begin to produce vibrant colours and fall it feels very much like change is in the air, but it is not just the season celebrating change. Caroline Cox who launched Caroline Cox Marketing Innovation only 6 months ago has relocated to a new premises in Mansfield due to successful growth and development within the business.

Relocation Support 

Sara Smith from Smith and Co Estates managed the seamless and efficient move for Caroline from her Ashfield base to Mansfield Innisdoon Estate. Sara is amongst the range of businesses based at the unique serviced offices on Crow Hill Drive including electrical and mechanical engineering, recruitment and a personal trainer.

Sara shared: “It was a pleasure to support Caroline with her relocation plans and clear from the outset that her  business values were perfectly aligned with the Innisdoon community.

I knew the business was growing quicker than expected and I wanted to ensure that if I were to relocate I would need to find the right location not only for me but my clients too.

Business Hub – Innisdoon Estates

Having been given the opportunity to market these wonderful premises and promote the vision that Emma & Stacey had for Innisdoon. We instantly fell in love with the building and surrounding environment.  So much so, that last year we relocated our unique and premium estate agency into a bespoke suite, which our fabulous team and clients love!

Innisdoon offers more than just a wonderful and idyllic location to work from, but more than that, we are a thriving business community of like-minded and empowering entrepreneurs.

We have been delighted to welcome Caroline into the fold and look forward to seeing her growing business flourish.”

Caroline identified the new offices as the perfect location for her business and clients telling us “I have been delighted with the engagement, support and successful I have received since launching my own business earlier in the year.

I knew the business was growing quicker than expected and I wanted to ensure that if I were to relocate I would need to find the right location not only for me but my clients too.

 The Innisdoon Estate offers the perfect solution, it is a beautiful building set in very tranquil and calming grounds. The location is central to most of my current clients allowing me to visit them but also giving me the reassurance that I have a great premises available for them to visit me if needed too.”

Business Leaders Supporting Business Growth
Local leading business owners Emma McLaughlin and Stacey Croshaw of Innisdoon Estates Limited took over the building in 2017 with the vision to house their growing recruitment company, Fresh Start Recruitment (UK) Ltd but also to provide a fully serviced facility to cater for local entrepreneurs.

Owners Emma and Stacey commented: “We’re truly thrilled to welcome Caroline to Innisdoon and we are so pleased that we are able to offer her premises for her business to develop and flourish. We have a wonderful business relationship with all tenants and between us all we have developed a great culture of sharing ideas and opportunities. We look forward to a great working relationship with Caroline also.’’

With a variety of clients from different industries including manufacturing, health & fitness, fashion and construction – Caroline is looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring for Caroline Cox Marketing Innovation and all of her clients.



What is Modern Day Marketing?

Such a simple question with a complex answer.

Typically defined as  “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

If you work in marketing then I’m guessing you find it difficult to define marketing even though it’s your role. The term marketing isn’t straight forward and the definition varies from person to person. So how can you set tasks? Or monitor results correctly? What is Sales and what is Marketing?

I always say ‘marketing and sales go hand in hand’ but then that also leads to the overlap of ‘what is sales’.

If you think about the function and outcome of sales and marketing you will start to see that actually sales and marketing does overlap and marketing is present in all stages of any business beginning to end.

Marketers thrive off understanding industry, customers and the business. They consistently study consumer habits and ask questions like:  ‘Where, when and how?’

Marketing began in the 1950s

Over the years marketing has evolved from print media to TV to the internet and so on. Modern marketing has become increasingly important to fine-tuning how a business sells a product to consumers to optimise success.

Modern day marketing gives so many platforms to carrying out campaigns – but where do you start?

Here are several types of marketing that are relevant today:

Where you invest your time and money depends entirely on where your customers spend their time. Your market research will determine which types of marketing and which mix of tools within each type is best for building your brand.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

An important tool that helps businesses understand how marketing interacts with each stage of the business – is The 4 P’s of Marketing:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Implementing the 4 P’s within the business will help businesses understand the demand for their product, competitor research will discover the best price points, and analysis will offer suggestions on how and where to sell. Promotion is when your marketing team will create increase awareness and interest in your product and ultimately, lead to more sales.

Marketing intersects all areas of a business

So you see, Marketing is not as clear cut as a simple definition. Marketing intersects all areas of a business, so it’s important to understand how to use marketing to increase your business’s efficiency and success.

When was the last time you revisited your marketing strategy and implemented your marketing plan? Are you using the modern day marketing mix correctly or just using tools such as social media, SEO, email marketing, PPC campaigns because you know you need to but unsure what your strategy is and what results they are delivering?

Contact me and ask about my marketing audit and marketing calendar plan to help you reach your potential and maximise your sales.

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone!

Caroline Cox Marketing has been a vision and a goal of mine for as long as I remember. It was a serious plan when I faced redundancy due to head office relocation back in 2011. But gut feeling told me the timing wasn’t right, I needed more experience and to build more of a business network. So I made a plan!

8 years later I’ve fulfilled that plan! I’ve created a portfolio of experience and built a network of trusted business colleagues and connections. So the time is right, the time is now!

Now is the time to start and not live with the regret of should of, could of, would of!

“What was the trigger point?”

I’ve spent the last 6 years supporting the local business community in quite a unique role. It’s given me variety and opportunities beyond any corporate position. I’ve had the flexibility and support to fulfil projects that has made long term positive changes to the surrounding local districts.

The company is limited but technically it is not actually owned by anyone its governed by local business leaders bringing together a mixed bag of skills from finance, legal to education. I’ve always said 2020 is like a precious diamond that I’ve had the joy of looking after and making sure it continues to shine and indeed – out shine the rest! Until it was time to pass it over to the next team to look after it. And there was no way that diamond would get damaged or dulled on my watch!

I’m proud to move forward and onwards with my own business leaving 2020 with a business model that makes profit, a network of patrons and media bodies that support the message and the vision and a strategy in place that meets the needs of the business community.

“Passionate about inspiring the next generation”

I’ve provided hundreds of businesses with unique opportunities to meet new connections and build their networks. Alongside business partnerships there was also education partnerships formed that gave business leaders the opportunity to nurture the future workforce via the award winning scheme developed with two other leading business ladies called the ‘Career Champions’. We developed bespoke evidence based programs that proved the positive impact the scheme had on the young people involved – inspiring them to reach their potential and showing them pathways to a bright future.

Whilst I could continue to work under the 2020 umbrella and keep moving it forward and expanding the business membership; the timing is right to focus on promises I made to myself and not fall into a comfort zone of enjoying what I do.

“Time to fulfil my vision”

Whilst working for someone else you are always governed by their vision, limited by their limitation and ideas stop becoming a reality and you become engulfed in the process and not the development.

Now is the time to start and not live with the regret of should of, could of, would of! So from the years of experience in corporate retail, celebrity endorsement, national branding, local networking, event planning, sales, digital marketing, media relations and partnerships projects I’m venturing solo and using my skill set to launch Caroline Cox Marketing Innovation.

“Time for Action”

The future….. is exciting and unknown as it is for any new business start up. But I’m driven, decisive and determined to provide the best possible service to every client and open up a doors of opportunity and business to all my clients whilst building a reputation for providing solutions with an infectious and approachable enthusiasm. All whilst sharing my journey on my new lifestyle blog because every business started with Day One. Can you help this new start up become established and can I help you become more established with my marketing services? Contact me today for a chat, I’d love to help.

7 Ways to Tell your Business Story!

Who are you…? Can you tell someone what makes your business better or truly different in less than 10 seconds?

The story behind your business is the most valuable asset it has. It’s the guiding principles and impacts on every facet of the organisation. Its not just your marketing message, its your sales pitch and unique selling point.

Brands that truly know themselves and their stories have a major impact within their marketplace. Think Disney, Coca-Cola, Nike – they are brands that have long realised the power of their story and using the right features to generate huge revenue boosting interest and loyalty.

More and more brands are comprehending the power of stories to transform their presence and identity. Brands that have nailed their storytelling all have common traits – here are just a few that you can try to incorporate and start your story today:

7 Ways to Tell your Business Story & Create Long Lasting Customer Relationships!

Know your customers and understand the problem you are solving for them!

By taking an insight into your customers you will start to understand the emotions and behaviour that motivates your customer to make a decision. Identifying the market needs for your product / service and offer to solve them with your business (brand) story. Create a story that people can understand and connect with. The sto­ry is cen­tral to com­mu­ni­cat­ing your business’s pur­pose.

What makes your brand different, better?

How you position your brand is everything. Look at your biggest competitor and what are you doing to differentiation your brand’s position to the competition? And then ask yourself ‘Is your positioning supporting the brand story and heritage?’ For example your biggest competitor may have a pricing advantage but does not offer the high level of service that you do before and after the transaction. Then you need to highlight this in your storytelling!

How interesting is your story? Can you redefine an experience?

A good brand story is good in part because it has something to say and the brand itself has taken an experience or an industry and turned it on its head. , a good emotional story can make a significant impact on motivating response. When thinking about your brand story think about creating a powerful emotional connection.


How many brands can you recognised without see the business name? People process images thousands of times faster than text. . Research indicates that Images may be superior to words in inducing evaluative responses, communicating emotions and creating memories.

Make it original that people will share and remember.

The brands with the most original, creative, emotional and unique ideas are the ones that stand out, are memorable and create conversations. What is more original than your business story – how did you start the business, who is behind the business, who are the employees? People buy from people – share your journey! Make people think what is behind the business, remember and share!

Know who you are and what you stand for!

Adaptable, personalised digital experiences ensure your brand connects emotionally with customers across all platforms and channels. Creating personalised experiences to ensure that your brand connects emotionally with your consumer, no matter where they are, what device they are using or how they interact with it.

Do Good!

Many of these brands incor­po­rate an ele­ment of social good into their sto­ries – whether that’s giv­ing back to com­mu­ni­ties or fos­ter­ing sus­tain­abil­i­ty or help­ing con­sumers find their best selves. And, again, these goals make for good sto­ries.

Next Steps

I know what you maybe thinking? This storytelling is all good and well but how to you use analytics to emotionally track customer actions and journey? The truth is the customer journey is about understanding how and where to connect in every touch point your customer is interacting with.

It’s not just about collecting data but knowing what to do with it. Go beyond data and dashboards to reveal actionable, emotional insights that influence conversations and tactics.

These are simple steps that all business can use in your marketing process. The storytelling process works and is used by our everyday brands. Yielding positive and meaningful results time after time.

Let me help you stand out from the crowd. If you need help telling your business story lets have a chat over coffee and we can start mapping out your journey and turning your business into a brand that connects with your customers and provides long term customer retention.