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What is Modern Day Marketing?

Such a simple question with a complex answer. Marketers thrive off understanding industry, customers and the business. They consistently study consumer habits and ask questions like: ‘Where, when and how?’ If you work in marketing then I’m guessing you find it difficult to define marketing even though it’s your role. The term marketing isn’t straight forward and the definition varies from person to person.

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Stepping out of the Comfort Zone!

Caroline Cox Marketing has been a vision and a goal of mine for as long as I remember. It was a serious plan when I faced redundancy due to head office relocation back in 2011. But gut feeling told me the timing wasn’t right, I needed more experience and to build more of a business network. So I made a plan!

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7 Ways to Tell your Business Story!

Can you tell someone what makes your business better or truly different in less than 10 seconds? The story behind your business is the most valuable asset it has. Its not just your marketing message, its your sales pitch and unique selling point.

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