Take it online and keep trading safely.

No ones when this pandemic will stop so you have 2 choices – sit and wait for the normal to return and see what remains of your business or adapt and get active online.

The Dressing Room is a fabulous high street ladies clothing and accessories shop based very much in the heart of Mansfield Woodhouse. They stock a beautiful range of clothing seen online affiliated with celebrities. The clothing range is on-trend, and the price points reflect the local economy – often cheaper than the leading high street stores.

So moving online doesn't necessarily mean you are moving away from the high street - quite the opposite - do it to support your high street and kick Covid to curb!

Offering A Shopping Experience

The shop thrives from the community it’s created over the last 3 years, friendship and providing a different shopping experience and often hosting fizz Friday’s or Sparkling Saturdays.

But, the business leader and owner Jean Mountain had the foresight to understand that keep her thriving high street store going during this pandemic for everyone to enjoy still when we are out the other end it needed to be online as well as the high street.

This new e-commerce website keeps The Dressing Room trading during COVID. It also provides new opportunities, new possibilities, further reach, stability, and with consistent and focused marketing, it will deliver growth that in turn will benefit the local economy.

So moving online doesn’t necessarily mean you are moving away from the high street – quite the opposite – do it to support your high street and kick Covid to curb!

The Dressing Room owner – Jean shares her thoughts on creating an online shop to support her high street store: ‘We’ve recently reached our 3 year milestone, and it’s been the best year – even coping with the impact of lockdown one.

We understand the local market place, and we are pride to offer something different that you just can’t get online and that’s ‘customer service’. Being online was always part of the plan as our customers are always asking us for more. The pandemic situation has only driven us to move forward and adapt.

I’ve know Caroline for years through the business community and worked with her for a while now building up our social media presence. Caroline worked closely with me on this e-commerce website project. I really wanted it to reflect our store and not be a generic online shop.

I’m delighted with her ideas, imagery and drive to build a quality website that is easy to use, track orders and update. She’s delivered on technical SEO elements to get us found online, and it works in harmony with all our marketing platforms.

It’s a difficult time for businesses, and when lockdown 2 was announced so quickly, I can not praise Caroline enough for finishing the project and launching it on day one of lockdown. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caroline Cox for your business.

Want to take your business online? Get your shop online from £450! Contact me.

If you fancy support a fabulous local ladies clothing and accessories shop visit: https://www.thedressingroomuk.co.uk/
Love Caroline, keep safe x