Search Engine Optimisation

Creating a sustainable approach to your online visibility!

So you have invested in a new website that looks great but what next? Wondering why are you not visibility to your target market and at the top of the search results?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential marketing channel for any business that seeks to reach an online audience.

Our SEO service helps businesses improve the quality of your website traffic and provides measurable results along with business evaluation and site analysis. By optimising your website for increased and better rankings you will ultimately start to increase conversions and drive sales through your website.

Providing valuable insights into your users, customer journey and competition – you will get the very best from your search engine marketing campaigns and understand their real value.

Modern SEO is about standing out from your competitors and making sure your site has an online presence that attracts your target audience. By increasing visibility within the organic search results we’ll deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website in the long term.

SEO Visability - Caroline Cox Marketing

Success is measured through improved keyword rankings, growth in traffic and revenue.

Google is closing the door to spammy techniques - now is the time to take a long term view and invest in continuous improvement for long term results.

Mobile First SEO - Caroline Cox Marketing

Mobile search is dominating global internet traffic. With google prioritising mobile friendly sites – do you know what you are missing? Notice the bounce rates on mobile or desktop devices? If your site has more than 30% mobile traffic it is a sign that your website needs to be optimised for mobile use.

SEO Audit - Caroline Cox Marketing

Ensure your website meets search engine guidelines, provides search engine spiders and algorithms – giving you the best opportunity to understand your site and performance. Addresses the overall performance and health of your site as opposed to attempting to rank improvement just on specific keywords.


Increase Visability

With the rise of social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and other effective digital marketing strategies – SEO is no longer just a combination of keywords. It has evolved, adapted and integrated essential ingredients that is part of a powerful overall marketing strategy.


Local Targeting

Helping you reach your target customers using your target geographic location. Local SEO helps businesses promote products and services to local prospects and customers. Search engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links.