Caroline Cox Marketing has been a vision and a goal of mine for as long as I remember. It was a serious plan when I faced redundancy due to head office relocation back in 2011. But gut feeling told me the timing wasn’t right, I needed more experience and to build more of a business network. So I made a plan!

8 years later I’ve fulfilled that plan! I’ve created a portfolio of experience and built a network of trusted business colleagues and connections. So the time is right, the time is now!

Now is the time to start and not live with the regret of should of, could of, would of!

“What was the trigger point?”

I’ve spent the last 6 years supporting the local business community in quite a unique role. It’s given me variety and opportunities beyond any corporate position. I’ve had the flexibility and support to fulfil projects that has made long term positive changes to the surrounding local districts.

The company is limited but technically it is not actually owned by anyone its governed by local business leaders bringing together a mixed bag of skills from finance, legal to education. I’ve always said 2020 is like a precious diamond that I’ve had the joy of looking after and making sure it continues to shine and indeed – out shine the rest! Until it was time to pass it over to the next team to look after it. And there was no way that diamond would get damaged or dulled on my watch!

I’m proud to move forward and onwards with my own business leaving 2020 with a business model that makes profit, a network of patrons and media bodies that support the message and the vision and a strategy in place that meets the needs of the business community.

“Passionate about inspiring the next generation”

I’ve provided hundreds of businesses with unique opportunities to meet new connections and build their networks. Alongside business partnerships there was also education partnerships formed that gave business leaders the opportunity to nurture the future workforce via the award winning scheme developed with two other leading business ladies called the ‘Career Champions’. We developed bespoke evidence based programs that proved the positive impact the scheme had on the young people involved – inspiring them to reach their potential and showing them pathways to a bright future.

Whilst I could continue to work under the 2020 umbrella and keep moving it forward and expanding the business membership; the timing is right to focus on promises I made to myself and not fall into a comfort zone of enjoying what I do.

“Time to fulfil my vision”

Whilst working for someone else you are always governed by their vision, limited by their limitation and ideas stop becoming a reality and you become engulfed in the process and not the development.

Now is the time to start and not live with the regret of should of, could of, would of! So from the years of experience in corporate retail, celebrity endorsement, national branding, local networking, event planning, sales, digital marketing, media relations and partnerships projects I’m venturing solo and using my skill set to launch Caroline Cox Marketing Innovation.

“Time for Action”

The future….. is exciting and unknown as it is for any new business start up. But I’m driven, decisive and determined to provide the best possible service to every client and open up a doors of opportunity and business to all my clients whilst building a reputation for providing solutions with an infectious and approachable enthusiasm. All whilst sharing my journey on my new lifestyle blog because every business started with Day One. Can you help this new start up become established and can I help you become more established with my marketing services? Contact me today for a chat, I’d love to help.