Social Media Marketing

Driving more targeted engagement, increased enquiries, and improved social media results!

So you have a social media profile and you update it when you remember to or you worry about what to share. And then you wonder what exactly can social media do for your business?! The answer is – social media can do so much for your business.

It helps fill contact databases, drives traffic to your website and product offers, assist your customers, builds and protects brand reputation. Creates direct relationships with your customers, suppliers and peers. Social media can project personally behind your brand that people buy into and become familiar with. It also provides a consistent online presence that gives google authority to find your website and rank it higher and therefore, easier to find. With the changing search engine algorithms making it more difficult for businesses to be seen on social – now is the time to develop a social media strategy that gives you the opportunity for your brand to be human and holistic whilst getting measurable results and brand presence online.

Experienced in creating engaging social media content that dovetails your wider PR & Marketing strategy for maximum impact and increased stakeholder engagement, drives brand awareness for the long-term and increases sales to your business.

Helping you to grasp the impact that social media is having on your marketplace and devising a plan how to use social media and whilst also incorporating your content marketing material – making your content work hard for your business whilst channelling consistent brand messages to your audience. Now more than ever social media needs to be rooted in your marketing strategy.

Increase Website Traffic - Caroline Cox Marketing

Social media has the ability to be a major source of traffic to your website. The larger presence you build on social media, the more you can rely on steady increase traffic to your website. By increasing your social media activity and creating engaging relationships with potential buyers it helps you nurture these people through to the purchasing process.

Targeted Campaigns - Caroline Cox Marketing

Social media is fun, easy and a great way to be creative and offer an insight into your business but to get any measurable results for your efforts, you actually need to develop a strategy and targeted campaigns. Relationships are everything and with any social strategy – this will be the thing that makes customers remember your business, stick around and talk about it!

Increase Brand Awareness - Caroline Cox Marketing

More and more people are taking to social media before visiting a new restaurant, trying a new product and even just to sound off about service or products. If you haven’t created a brand awareness on social media then do you know what your audience is saying about you? Become a brand that sticks out in the minds of your audience by creating a brand awareness strategy.


Increase Visibility

Social media is one of the best and easiest ways of keeping your customers updated with your new products or upcoming events. If your business makes a huge announcement about a new product or an exciting event, it’ll catch on and get people excited.

It’s a great way to connect with your audience and build a better reputation for your brand. To get value from your efforts its essential people are see it!


Local Targeting

Is your social media content reaching the right audience? If you are looking to connect with potential customers in a specific location, local targeting is a must have for your social marketing plan.

50% of small businesses aren’t using social media to promote their business – yet 78% of salespeople out sell their peers by using social media.

What are you waiting for?