Performance 360 founded by Steve Sheppard are Mansfield’s only boutique gym offering unique and achievable health, fitness and performance-based goals. They are changing the fitness journey landscape and creating a community for people to train and be coached to perform better in every way!

Performance 360 is all about performing beyond what you thought ever possible.


Through close discussions and engagement with Steve Sheppard we understood his passionate vision to build a platform that adds value to his clients and empowers them to take control and have tools at their finger tips to keep their fitness journey going outside of the gym.


Steve has an array of resources that he shares with his clients and consistently updates valuable content on his social media platforms. It was clear that Performance 360 needed a platform to bring together all their added values tools into one place.

The solution involved the design and build of a new website with a members only section populated with a library of videos, ebooks and recipes.

The website offers the opportunity for Performance 360 to continuously grow and add more valued added tools and services as the company evolves.

Key functionality for the Performance 360 website with a twofold purpose: Convert new clients and provide resources to existing clients:

  • Secure log in section for members only to access a library of fitness resources including education fitness videos, ebooks and recipes.
  • Personalised and unique imagery and visuals to reflect the boutique gym (when possible we prefer not to use stock images)
  • Personalised customer user flow to create highly relevant, targeted, and individualised experience to suit the user’s need and create a better experience for users to increase conversion rates and stage in the buying process.
  • Auto responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • SEO Rich content and bespoke content that truly reflects the journey, mission and vision of the gym


Performance 360 now have a business tool and platform to host their educational fitness videos, recipes and ebooks. The website empowers the Performance 360 coaches to navigate clients to resources that will help them on their fitness journey and keep them on track outside of the gym environment and giving the coaches confidence that clients have an array of resources at their fingers tips and coaches can focus on further developments and consistently engage and encourage clients.

All our clients have had no other choice to but to adapt to a new, unusual and unfamiliar business environment during the pandemic and certain industries such as gym and pubs have had to close. To see Steve adapt and drive the business forward during COVID has been astonishing to watch. He has continue to host his regular fitness class online and continuously offer motivation, knowledge and a support network for all his clients.

It was a true pleasure to work alongside Steve during this project. He has a clear vision for the website, open to ideas about functionality and concepts. Performance 360 truly provides a service like no other and now with the added value membership area it’s a fitness network that keeps you on track and brings you in as part of a community.

Client Feedback

Caroline Cox Marketing absolutely over delivered on this project. The service she provided from start to finish was above and beyond. We now have a high end website and exclusive members area that is delivery our product as we need it. I look forward to continue to work with Caroline on all my future projects.

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