And what are your marketing plans to get you there?

I know what you are thinking – what an impossible question to ask during the UK’s 3rd lockdown.

While the pandemic may make us feel out of control, we can control and build business opportunities. We find ourselves more reactive than proactive; we can’t even remember what a comfort zone feels like!

Are you operating your business in the same way and expecting the same or better outputs. What have you done to adapt to this difficult ‘season’ (such a current buzz word but I love as it makes me believe it will pass).

For me, my operations instinct has kicked in. I’ve been more than a marketing partner to my customers I’ve helped them adapt quickly – so quick I launched The Dressing Room’s website on the first day of the 2nd lockdown…. Made me feel like a superhero, especially when I had an emotional phone call from my lovely client.

Stay in control of your marketing plans in 2021

What Did My Business Do to Adapt to 2020

I’ve helped them deal with their supply chains to get them out of advertising contracts and fast and then use that budget on social advertising without burning bridging. I’ve used the opportunity to negotiate more support from suppliers.

For me and my business – I’ve looked at what I’m wasting time and money on and made instant cuts and operate as a lean business that can flex. But that was last year. So what about this year?! I love setting New Year goals and reflecting on milestones. In April this year it will be my 2 year anniversary as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a mumpreneur, a solopreneur – however, you badge it – it’s happened in a flash, and I’ve continued to thrive during a pandemic.

But I’m not going to keep doing what I’ve been doing as I want a different output one year from now. I’ve been lucky enough to have an extensive business network that has reached out to me for marketing support, and I’ve relied on my reputation to get me from project to project. But in the meantime, I’ve forgotten about sharing the wins, milestones and case studies. And I’ve forgotten to give something back to those businesses that aren’t in a position to invest in a marketing partner but want realistic marketing tips from a local marketing company.

How to Stay in Control of your 2021 Marketing Plans

So I’ve made a marketing plan for Caroline Cox Marketing to keep me accountable and help me stay consistent. In the process of doing so I’ve gained another client as I’m now treating my business as a customer and I would never put my customers’ needs to the back of the queue.

Here are a few things to consider to help you stay in control of your marketing plans in 2021 and reach your business goal one year from now:

  • Review 2020 – did you change your tactics to adapt to COVID? How did they work out?
  • Review Your Target Audience. Can you improve how you’re reaching them?
  • Have your sales increased or decreased? How does that compare to your market share?
  • Are your goals SMART? (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely)
  • Have you brainstormed your tactics to achieve your goals? Do you know the activities that will get you to your goal?
  • What time and resources do you have? Do you enthusiastically make a marketing plan and then get so consumed in running the business that the marketing plan is never executed?
  • Write out your marketing strategy. Write each month of the year at the top of a list, then list the tactics you plan to employ during the month underneath it. This helps you visualise how many different marketing activities you’re committing to take on each month
  • Put your marketing strategy into action. Write down which individual activities to do and when you plan to do them in your calendar or planner. Establish deadlines and stick to them!
  • Review your analytics. Do you understand your customers? What does your click-through rates look like? What are your social media insights telling you?

If you are reading this and thinking ‘this, all sounds great, but it’s easier said than done when you already have a million things to do to keep the business running.’ If that’s you then have you thought about a marketing partner? I offer flexible marketing retainers based on your business needs. I’ll work with you throughout the month and year to help you reach your business goal one year from now. Get in touch: