Website Project Overview

Church Side Insurance is one of Mansfield’s family-run, independent insurance and protection specialists. They are a Partner Broker of Marsh Networks, one of the leading insurance brokers in the UK, specialising in all types of cover for all business types.

Church Side Insurance is all about offering a superior range of quality products and services to the local business community.


Running a business is consuming! When it’s our own business, we want to control everything and be able to do everything. But as the business grows, it becomes impossible to do everything and there comes a time to outsource elements of the business to keep moving forward.

Church Side Insurance needed a platform that reflected their modern services and above all, they needed an easy to use content management system to make the process of updating news and services quick and easy.


Church Side Insurance already had a fully functional WordPress website but without a modern, easy to use content management system. It was something that was on their ever growing ‘to do list’ and became very urgent whenever it was time to update something on the site and the realisation of it being an impossible task kicked in again.

We had previously spoken to Dean about his quick win options and explained he doesn’t need to invest in a completely new website nor did he need to risk the business having any online downtime during development. All his website needed was a redesign, revamp and clean up. Most importantly, he needed completely autonomy over the website so it could be easily updated and didn’t need to rely on a website developer for every updated needed.

Our solution: We installed a new customised theme, new content management system, tested and activated on their live site.

A new website doesn’t always involve starting entirely from scratch. WordPress has made it so easy to switch to a new theme without affecting your site’s content – so you don’t have to spend time debating on investing in a new website. A quick redesign could be a solution for you.

Before doing anything, we backed up all of Church Side’s files and WordPress database – just in case anything went wrong and we could revert to the original design and no information would be lost. When dealing with technology – anything can go wrong, it’s good practice to be prepared!

The backup process gives the opportunity to clean up the site, fix broken links and clear out old plugins. By optimising your database to clear out unused data, you also speed up your site. We then transferred all the website to a staging site to ensure the client is completely happy with the functionality and design of the website before we installed on the current platform. This process reduces downtime on the clients current website.

Next, we installed a new WordPress theme and redesigned to reflect their current branding and portfolio of services. The redesign is easy to use, and most importantly for Dean, it’s easy to keep up to date and grow with the companies’ portfolio of services.

Website Project Outcome

Church Side Insurance now have a business tool and platform they can proudly showcase to their customers – confident that it reflects their branding and takes the customer on a journey that will create an action. The content reflects their business story and now on a visual platform that impacts sales and conversions.

It’s always a real pleasure to work with Dean and his team.

Client Feedback:

We have known Caroline and her team for a long time and have always wanted to work with them. Earlier on in the year we eventually had a chance to sit down and work on a plan…and we are so glad that we did. Caroline has completely overhauled our website and the way that we think about all things marketing. Our Google position has increased massively and as a result, so has quality traffic and of course, new business sales.

We can’t wait for our next meeting to see what brilliant ideas she has in store for us!

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